Google Analytics: Migrating from UA to GA4

From July 1st 2023, Google is replacing its web analytics service from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The update aims to provide improved capabilities for managing advertisements, tracking conversions, and seamless integration with all related services.

If you own a website, chances are either yourself or your web services provider are familiar with using Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic.

Either way, it’s vital to understand exactly why you should manually migrate before the automatic update.

Why Should You Migrate to GA4 Before 1st July 2023?

Switching from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 isn’t a choice. It’s officially being replaced on this date. Although it’s important to understand that the sooner you switch, the simpler the transition will be. You’ll be able to understand how it works and familiarise yourself with its full capabilities without being thrown in the deep end.

The benefits of the platform also means the earlier you switch, the earlier you can start collecting data which could be invaluable to your business. You’ll also have the reassurance of knowing that all of your data is safe and will not be lost upon the update.

Not sure how to migrate to GA4? Find out more here.

Key features of GA4

Improved customer journey insights

GA4 uses a new, event-based data model that provides a more comprehensive view of customer behaviour across all channels. This can help you to understand how customers are finding your website or app, how they are interacting with your content, and how they are ultimately converting into customers.

Focussed user engagement

By migrating to GA4, Google guarantees there will be a greater emphasis on user engagement compared to UA. This means you can track things like how long users are spending on your website or app, how many pages they are viewing, and how often they are returning. This information can be invaluable for understanding how to improve the user experience and boost engagement in the long-term.

Predicting audience behaviours

GA4 uses machine learning to help you to predict future audience behaviours. This can help you to identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be difficult to spot. This information can be used to improve your marketing campaigns and target your audience more effectively.

Better integration with Google Ads

Switching to GA4 means there will be a tighter focus on Google Ads, meaning it’ll be simpler to improve your Google Ads campaigns. For example, you can use GA4 data to create more targeted audiences, optimise your bids, and track the performance of your campaigns.

If you’re unsure on how to migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, or you’re interested in setting up Google Analytics for your website from scratch, we can help!

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