Julie Green


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Julie has worked in design studios on design concepts and copy for more years than she’s letting on about. Working in conjunction with the design team she supplies the words to fit the image – or sometimes the other way round.

Either way, having an in-house copywriter makes the whole design process more streamlined and creative from the get-go and, in many cases, saves clients having to read ‘Lorum ipsum dolorum…’ over and over.

Unlike other outfits that employ the use of freelance writers, Julie has a comprehensive knowledge of Page Creative’s clients, and is familiar with the body of work we have produced, so is able to write copy that employs the relevant tone of voice to endorse the specific brand.

Facts About Julie

  • thinks she can make cakes (the studio kindly humours her by actually eating them)
  • famously broke her nose in the mud at Glastonbury in 2016
  • Grayson Perry groupie

Julie's worked on

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