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Brochures and catalogues

Need to convey your message and promote your brand in a single beautifully designed piece of literature? No problem…

Grab your audience’s attention, convey your message, and promote your brand in a single piece of beautifully designed literature. Print design is where things began for PAGE. Print encompasses all things great and small – from a humble business card to a gargantuan banner. One of the most traditional (yet highly relevant) pieces of printed collateral that we provide our clients with is a brochure. The design, creation, and printing of brochures and catalogues is a print design project that our designers can really sink their teeth into. It also provides brands with a tangible representation of their products, services, and personality.

Our catalogue and brochure designers focus on creating perfect pieces of literature that encompass balance, emphasis, proportion, variety, unity – all achieved by utilising the basic elements of art – line, colour, shape, space and form. Essentially, they will create something that embodies your brand beautifully.

In this digital age there will always be a place for print – sometimes there’s just no substitute to leafing through a really great brochure that tells your story to your customers.

Brochures and catalogues projects

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