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Consumers walk around with a pocket (or a handbag) full of adverts. They’ve got bedside tables full of them. Their desks are chock-a-block with adverts from their favourite brands. These adverts are their emails.

If a consumer owns a digital device (and let’s face it – most do), then you have an opportunity to advertise to them directly, wherever they are – through email marketing.

Email marketing is a big thing (bigger than traditional direct mail), and if you’re not doing it then you’re missing a trick.

It’s got quite a few plus points over direct mail because it’s cheaper, uses fewer resources (give yourself a pat on the back for saving the trees!), is more measurable for ROI, and with the right database it can allow for much more precise targeting.

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Getting Email Marketing Right

But (there had to be a but) if you do it wrong, it can very quickly turn consumers off.

If your messaging is wrong, or you bombard people, then they’ll quickly form a poor view of your email marketing strategy – and potentially your brand (it depends how annoying you are).

That’s where PAGE can help.

We create email campaigns that reinforce your brand verbally and visually, and can land your brand in the inboxes of your potential and current customers. You might want to test the waters with a one-off Call to Action email (e.g. ‘Shop our Sale Today’), or jump into the deep end with a regular e-newsletter or on-going product information emails.

Full Service – From Start to Finish

Whatever you want to do, we can help to design, create, and test your email marketing to improve its impact.

We’ll make it stand out from the crowd of other emails in your consumer’s inbox, personalise the email to make it relatable, and link through to highly relevant landing pages so consumers are more likely to interact with your website.

Once the email is sent, we’ll even be able to tell you who is reacting to it, and how.

Get in touch to get your Email Campaign off to a running start.

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