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At Basildon based packaging design agency, PAGE, we’ve worked on a lot of product packaging projects over the years. From car parts to skincare – we’ve seen it, done it, designed the t-shirt. It’s become crystal clear to us that nothing makes quite the kind of impression on a consumer that packaging does. It is often the difference between your project being in the basket or left on the shelf.

Creative packaging has always been (and will always be) the way to make an impact, and when done right it has the ability to elevate a product beyond its core use. That makes packaging pretty cool in our books.

Packaging, the PAGE way

At PAGE, we only create packaging that will add perceived value to your brand. There’s no point otherwise. To bring you the best in packaging technology, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of cardboard technology (more interesting than it sounds – promise.)

This enables us to work with specialist printers to provide tool and sample making services. We’re always exploring new techniques to fit the needs of the project and this has led us to become experts in specialist print.

Throughout the process we will work closely with you, getting inside your head to completely understand what it is you want from your packaging. Then our creative team go to town, producing designs unique to you, and your brand’s identity.

Sustainable Technology

Packaging is great, but the planet is better. That’s why we always use environmentally friendly, recyclable materials and processes in our designs wherever possible.

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