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At PAGE, we think it’s important to know your strengths. We’re strong with creative, and we work with a trusted partner who are strong with SEO. As a team, we can work together to make your website beautiful, and visible, from the very beginning.

We’ve partnered with another local company who have years of experience and knowledge in digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

They help our clients to drive more web traffic to their website and they love keeping up with the latest search engine algorithm changes to stay ahead of the technology and help you achieve the best possible results (whatever floats your boat we guess!)

How SEO Can Help You

When you get into the nitty gritty, SEO can send even the most hardened business people running to the hills. It is complicated, and it is technical, but that’s why we get the experts to do it – so you can sit back and see your rankings soar.

SEO focuses on three core areas – your website’s technical elements (code etc), your content (what your website says), and the links that you’ve got from other websites (links mean the web likes you – so search engines will, too).

Using SEO strategies, such as keyword research, and analysing your analytics for opportunities means that the team can help us to bring your websites up the search result listings.

Other Digital Marketing Services

SEO is not always appropriate– we may for example recommend pay-per-click advertising as a better route for more immediate brand visibility. Lucky for you, our digital marketing partner does this, too. We work together to create a successful PPC campaign from compiling relevant keyword lists through to writing adverts and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimised for conversions with a clear call to action.

All Greek to you? No problem – we work in tandem with the best team to get not only more traffic to your site, but to make sure of the right sort of visitor for your business.

Whatever strategy we take on your behalf, our analytics make the marketing campaign results totally measurable.

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