Social Media Design

Social Media Design

Social media is a fantastic tool for brands.

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It provides another level of exposure, a new way to communicate with customers, and a great opportunity for brands to showcase their personality.

Twitter enables you to strike up a meaningful dialogue with customers, Instagram sells the lifestyle behind your brand, and even the (slightly) newer kid on the block, Snapchat has helped lots of brands to make impressive inroads with their target market.

Social media can be instrumental in brand development, but as a relatively new marketing tool it has befuddled many a brand who quickly turn their backs and declare ‘social media’s not for me’.

PAGE’s Social Media Design

Social media doesn’t work if you don’t have a design strategy in place beforehand.

At PAGE, we work hard to understand you and your brand, help you decide upon goals and aims for your social media usage, and design a social media strategy that will work for you.

We have worked with clients launching new products by creating a buzz on social media, as well as helping more established brands to reinforce their customer base and promote tried and trusted brands in a fresh and exciting way.

Social Platforms PAGE Work With

As in all areas of creative design, we offer an array of campaign ideas for our social media work.

PAGE can create campaigns specifically for one form of social media, or across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.).

Because of the diverse abilities in the PAGE team, our social media design can also be supplemented with creative email campaigns and website promotions, linking all of your digital mediums to create a cohesive and meaningful brand strategy.

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