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Finished with an awesome looking website! The Page creative team are great and Lee Bollu was very helpful indeed in getting exactly the website that I was looking for. Highly recommended!
Christopher David Mitchell
Lead Coach


Responsive website design

Trends in web design are like trends in fashion- they change. Today’s ever-present hamburger menu is tomorrow’s old hat.

Our passion for creative online design makes us trendsetters in the website design and development world, with relevant, striking designs that enhance user experience by harnessing straightforward navigation, allied with words and graphics that effectively communicate your brand.

Our websites are built using WordPress CMS, for a great user experience and more power for you to edit your content easily, directly, and intuitively.

One trend that is here to stay is of course responsive web design.

Your clients are super-busy people on the move – so mobile marketing and mobile friendly design is of paramount importance to you. 80% of internet users own a smart phone, with mobile now having overtaken fixed internet access.

Our Essex based web designers and developers utilise ‘best practices’ in SEO programming, design and coding to ensure that PAGE-designed websites look great, rank well in search engines, and work well on any device – from smartphones to smart TVs.

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