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The Energy Industries Council

The Energy Industries Council (EIC) is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1943 as the Council of British Manufacturers of Petroleum Equipment (CBMPE); the registered name was changed in 1981 to Energy Industries Council (EIC) to reflect the expansion of activities to cover the whole energy sector. The EIC currently has over 600 members who collectively employ over a million people and generate over £100 billion in revenues out of their UK-based operations.

PAGE is proud to have been associated with and producing work for EIC for over 20 years. During this time we have designed and produced countless training brochures for EIC members, put together a huge amount of collateral to support the global events and seminars EIC holds around the world.

EIC Inspection staff

We also design and produce exhibition and display material for the organisation’s showcase events and conferences. All the work we produce creatively communicates EIC’s message, concept and image to its members and others in the energy industries.

Page puts together ‘Inside Energy’ monthly newsletter for EIC, as well as supporting the marketing team with both on and offline material.

EIC training brochure
EIC Icons
EIC website design
EIC website design

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Tony O'Connor
Senior Designer

Paul Clark
Creative Director

Colin Sandison

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